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Contact The Shoes Saves Foundation at: 
Phone: 313-926-6702
Fax: 313-926-6713 

Office Cell Phone: 734-833-3218

Office Location: 
Shoes Saves Foundation
18109 Westphalia Street
Detroit, Michigan, 48205
Main Line: (313) 926-6702
Main Fax:  (313) 926-6713

Contact via email:
Reverend Joi Hubert/Founder and Executive Officer



Shoes Saves Employees



Shoes Saves Foundation General Email Box


The Silver Time Cook-Off Event
                Rules for participation  

*We will be having our Silver Time Cook-Off Event on Saturday June 26, 2021; and a rematch on Saturday December 18, 2021. The Silver Time Cook-Off Event, will start promptly at 4PM EST, on Both June 26, 2021 and December 18, 2021; if you are joining via Skype.

*Both events, require a registration form to be completed, and submitted via the Shoes Saves Foundation website (www.shoessaves.com) under the contact page or tab. For those who will be competing in June 2021, the registration form must be completed and submitted by 06/14/21. For those who will be competing in December 2021, the registration form must be completed and submitted by 12/06/21.  

* To complete the registration form, please click on the  contact form below, under the title Silver Time Cook-Off Event, then fill out the fast, and simple registration form. 

*All participants must utilize the recipes found on the Joi's Recipes page or tab, on The Shoes Saves Foundation website; at

* There will be a limited number of spots available for the video conferencing, during The Silver Time Cook-Off Event;
To combat this problem, any registered participants may submit their own Silver Time Cook-Off Event video, via the email address of The Shoes Saves Foundation at; shoessaves@yahoo.com. Simply video tape yourself physically cooking the recipe of your choice by using your cellphone camera in video mode, then attach that video footage to an email; and send it to the email address provided above. Please note: all video submissions, must be in by the Monday of the week of The Silver Time Cook-Off Event, no later than 
9 PM, Eastern Standard Time. 

*Please make sure, the person who is registered, is the person actually cooking; in regards to the video conferencing, and email video content. 

* To find us on Skype, you'll simply need to login to your own Skype account, then do a quick search for: live:joi2hubert, and then select us to contact. This will give you a video connection to us at The Shoes Saves Foundation, via a live video stream. 

*The good Reverend Joi Karla Hubert, will be judging the entries, both through Skpe, and via email entries. 

*Winners who place in first, second, and third place, will be sent a certificate, and a letter of congratulations; from The Shoes Saves Foundation, via email. The certificate, will be in a printable version, if in case the winner's, wish to print and frame a copy of their own certificate. 

*There is no cost to register, and participate in The Silver Time Cook-Off Event. 

*All recipes of those who participate, will be scored from 1 to 10 in three categories, since The Corona Virus Pandemic; will not allow  us to all meet physically in person to hold The Silver Time Cook-Off Event, at this time. All scores from 1 to 10 ( 1 being the lowest/ten being the highest) are "FINAL", and will not be over turned, unless some form of cheating is determined. 

* The three categories of scoring are as following: 

1) The Ability to follow the recipe, according to how it is written. 

2) The uniqueness of the presentation of your recipe once it is complete, and ready for viewing/judging. 

3) The reasonable amount of time from being to end; it takes to prepare the recipe you choose to submit, including all preparation time needed to complete the recipe. 

* Any recipe submitted, that "DOES NOT" come from the Joi's Recipes page/tab of The Shoes Saves Foundation website 
(www.shoessaves.com), will be automatically disqualified from The Silver Time Cook-Off Event, no exceptions. 

*For any further questions or clarification, please contact The Shoes Saves Foundation Ministries, at www.shoessaves.com, or 
(313) 926-6702.

Please See The Silver Time Cook-Off Event                      Registration Form Below

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