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P.F.A.C.T.T  (Prevention and Finding Acti-vision in Condensed Treason Terrorism) Political Action Committee

*PFACTT would love to network with you if you are a concerned business owner. If you would like to register your website or business with PFACTT please sign the Guest Book.

PFACTT:   Is a domestic and international political action community, focused on helping people both domestically and internationally with various social issues; with an agenda of preventing various acts of terrorism and unfair community hardships. PFACTT, has a proven history in helping various USA Cities, USA States, and various other countries. PFACTT is directly associated with the Shoes Saves Foundation and is interested in hearing from you. Please contact us with any concern that we may be able to assist you with, as PFACTT is for the people, concerning the people, and about the people.

​PFACTT is excepting new members. If you would like to join PFACTT, please select Contact Us, fill out the contact information; and we'll be happy to register you.  

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PFACTT would love to hear your thoughts and comments please post a comment below in our blog section.

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Who will you support for the next President of the United States of America?

by Joi Hubert on 11/07/15

With all the candidates and all the agendas that has been brought forth and discussed, who do you favor for the next President of The United States?  Many of the women in the US, say Hilary Clinton is a guaranteed best choice.  Some disagree and say that Jed Bush is the logical choice, given his family history and combined experience of both his father and brother.  However, some say don't count Ben Carson out, or even Donald Trump.  We at the Shoes Saves Foundation would like to hear from you.  Who do you support for the next Presidential Election and why?

Wow our community is improving!!!!!!

by Joi Hubert on 09/24/15

What's new in Detroit’s area code 48205?  Well GM Cares is for sure. There are GM Cares signs everywhere throughout area code 48205.  GM Cares signs were placed in a large portion of abandoned properties that were boarded up, by several GM construction crews. We the citizens of 48205 were so happy to see a large portion of abandoned homes boarded up that many people who didn't even know each other just started talking and commenting about the great neighborhood improvements.  Glad to see that GM Cares, Here’s to buying American made cars, (oh and no offense if you drive foreign).  God Bless America.  Chime in and tell us what you think. 

Reverend Joi Karla Hubert

Shoes Saves Foundation - Founder and Executive Officer

Tragic Accident On Venice Beach

by Joi Hubert on 08/06/13

Monday was a sad day on Venice Beach in the Los Angeles, CA. area.  Sadness arose when a driver Nathan Campbell, drove into a crowd of people on Venice Beach's board walk; killing 1 and injuring 11.  Witnesses say Campbell was driving erratically in the area after leaving a local area café. Campbell abandoned the car he driving; a Dodge Avenger several blocks away, and walked to a local police station to report the accident. No reports of alcohol were mentioned in the reports of the story or by witnesses. Police describe Campbell as a transient from the Colorado area, who has no tides to California and was probably unfamiliar with the area. Alice Grupponi, who was only 32; an Italian tourist, was visiting the Venice Beach area on her honeymoon was killed. Police arrested Campbell even after finding a local police station to report the accident. Conflicting stories say Campbell lost control of the vehicle before the accident occurred, while others say he was driving deliberately erratically. No motive for murder has been determined; however bail for Campbell has been set for 1 million dollars. It is truly sad that a woman was struck down so early at age 32 while on vacation, however calling this unfortunate accident deliberate murder with no motive of a driver, in an unfamiliar area seems like a stretch to me. If Campbell were driving on Mulholland Drive in the Holly Wood Hills and lost control of a vehicle in an unfamiliar area people would understand, as several people born and raised in California don't drive in the Hills. I'm  sympathetic to the driver, for going to the police station and not avoiding police; and because California driving can be very dangerous in various area's with the number of cliffs and even high terrain areas. I once worked for a corporation in California and chose to never drive myself; I relied on cabs, car services, and co-workers to get around. If Campbell is guilty of deliberately killing 1 and injuring 11, well fine throw the book at him, if not show him some mercy.  Think about a time when you yourself, had to drive in an unfamiliar area.   Please feel free to post your comments.

UN Investigator Renounces Resignation

by Joi Hubert on 06/11/13


Richard Falk special UN investigator for rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian Territories claims there is a witch hunt brewing to slander his own reputation.   Falk, in opposition to Israeli Settlement Policy is under heavy criticism and being accused of anti-Semitism in the United States.    The main point of conflict revolves around the UN Watch Association, which is affiliated with American Jewish Committee.   The American Jewish Committee has lobbied to the UN Human Rights Council against Falk; for sharp public criticism and complaints against the UN Watch Association.    In return, Falk has raised concerns about the credentials of the UN Watch Association in conjunction with The American Jewish Committee.  The U.S. ambassador to council, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, has renounced some of the comments expressed by Falk, who has in his commentary associated the Boston Marathon bombing to that of a demonstration being expressed for world domination.   In Geneva and several other places, those who have been following the situation concerning Falk and the Un Watch Association, would like for the conflict to come to an immediate close; as relationships between Jerusalem and Palestine Territories can and should improve as time progresses.  Please feel free to chime in with your comments.

Bombing In Baghdad

by Joi Hubert on 05/30/13

Tensions between the Sunni and Shi’ite lead to bombing in Baghdad.  Growing concerns have mounted coming from the United Nations about increased violence between the two groups; insiders say concerns are also being expressed by several Iraq citizens regarding recent events.   Many feel the civil war in Syria have had a profound effect on the tension in Iraq recently, after a bomb went off in Baghdad on Thursday.  At least 25 people were killed in the tragedy.  As people were preparing for their normal daily activities, the bomb went off in the Binoog Region in North Baghdad, bringing the death total to 4 dead.  As the day continued, several other bombs went off killing, 20 additional people.  Reports indicate 6 bombs came after the first initial one went off.   Please continue to pray for the Middle East, as most of those affected and killed by the bombing attacks were civilians, and not terrorists.   Please feel free to voice your opinion, in our Blog Section.